We found a weird logic circuit called Flagshifter that could theoretically generate new flags. We don’t fully understand it yet, and would take a long time to look through it by hand, so it would be great if you could write a simulation program to see if we can find something interesting in the output.


We are given the following image and the task seems simple: implement the logic, and you get the flag.


I chose to implement the logic in python, and for sake of simple coding, kept everything in binary data form, so I don’t have to convert in the code, just do the conversion once using CyberChef.

def NAND(n, m):
	return int(not (n & m))

def OR(n, m):
	return n | m

def AND(n, m):
	return n & m

def XOR(n, m):
	return n ^ m

inp = "10110000101001101110111110000110111010010111010000101100010101001000011011111010101100000011000100010100110000010000001011011000101000010100100101110101011010110010111000101100110010110001111011101011100011100100100010100001010010001111001101100010"

key = "11000010111000010000010101001110010011000001100011001001010100111100001001000011100010101110110010111011111110010110101000100010101001110111001100010100100110100000011000011100010101100010101011000100000000110000011001110100011001110111010011100110"

r1 = 0
r2 = 1
r3 = 0
r4 = 0
r5 = 0
r6 = 1
r7 = 0
r8 = 1

out = ""

for i in range(len(inp)):

	r1o = r1
	r2o = r2
	r3o = r3
	r4o = r4
	r5o = r5
	r6o = r6
	r7o = r7
	r8o = r8

	r1 = AND(int(inp[i]), r4o)
	r2 = r1o
	r3 = r2o
	r4 = OR(r3o, NAND(r1o, r6o))
	r5 = r4o
	r6 = AND(r5o, r2o)
	r7 = r6o
	r8 = r7o
	output = XOR(int(key[i]), r8o)
	out += str(output)


The acquired flag is:


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